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We all have one. That version of ourselves that does the right thing at the right time always has the perfect thing to say no matter what the situation and oozes charisma like an active volcano oozes lava.

We tend to imagine what it would be like to be that person. We imagine what our life would be like. We imagine what we’d feel like. We picture ourselves, head carried high, walking around our hometown, and everyone looking at us in admiration.

Well, maybe that’s just me, but…

We all have some version of this going on in our heads.

We imagine what it would feel like to be that superhero.

What if I told you that you could be that person now? Not soon. Now.

You can be. Or, at least you can have the feeling of being that superhero at any moment you chose. Don’t believe me?

Try this on for size: Imagine you just won the lottery. Really, imagine looking down at the ticket in your hand as you realize that all the numbers on the ticket your holding match the winning numbers shown on the screen in front of you. Not only did you win, but you won the largest jackpot in history… and you’re the only winner. How does that feel? (come on – really feel into this!)

What would you spend that money on first? Who would you take out on your private plane? What band will play at your next party? The Rolling Stones?

How are you feeling now?

My guess is that doing that simple exercise caused your energy to shift. I don’t know about you, but when I think about winning the lottery, I come alive with even more energy and passion.

And this was all in our heads. We can harness this power at every moment of our lives. It’s a choice. It’s mindset.

We don’t have to wait to win the lottery to feel like the superhero in our heads either. We can feel that way today.

Take your mask off and allow yourself to be the true you. No suppression of your inner superhero. Let that person out and claim the power from within that’s always been there for you.

Average is boring. You are meant for greatness.

Chances are if you’re being your superhero – you’re also being someone else’s.

Live big! Live YOUR life!

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